New Capabilities and Offerings Available Now Across Digital Marketing Platforms

In the digital marketing world, there is always change happening and something new and exciting just around the corner. During these unprecedented times, we are still seeing new and innovative products coming from our favorite digital marketing platforms. If you’re like me, you are probably still looking for new ways to push the envelope and improve performance during these uncertain times. Or, you may just be eager to test and try something new. We will take a look at some of the new capabilities and product offerings now available from Google, SEMrush and YouTube, as well as recommendations on if they’re worth investing your time into learning more!

Local Search Ads from Google

What are local search ads? Local search ads are a new offering from Google, created to help local businesses more successfully advertise their services. Right now, these ads are still being rolled out across different geographies and industries, but here are some key pieces of information we know of so far:
Local search ads will help businesses stand out, as they will be featured above traditional paid search ad placements if the user intent matches with a relevant business. For example, if a user is searching for local window cleaners, the user will see ads for a local window cleaner in their area first.
Google is focused on connecting the user to the business that best fits what they are looking for. This will include a “Google Guaranteed” stamp of approval next to businesses that appear in local search ads.
Advertisers will only be charged per lead (versus a traditional cost per click model)

Is this worth testing out? Given the high visibility and large amount of space these ads will take up on Google’s results page, I think these ad placements will be a top performer in your paid media portfolio. Additionally, I think customers will resonate with the emphasis Google is placing on reviews and the overall trustworthiness of these local businesses. Overall, I am excited about the potential of this new advertising placement from Google and think it will help drive performance for local businesses in the service industry. I would recommend checking it out!

To learn more, here are some helpful resources:

Sellery by Semrush

What is Sellery? Sellerly is a new tool (still currently in beta mode) launched by SEMrush that gives users the ability to split test Amazon product pages. It allows you to run multiple A/B tests to see what titles, descriptions, and prices are performing best. You will be able to easily integrate your amazon account to the Sellery platform so all tests can be implemented, tracked and managed within the platform. The winning version can even be pushed live within the platform to make your optimizations as effortless as possible!

Is this worth testing out? Sellery is very easy to use and allows users to seamlessly start testing on their Amazon product listings. Additionally, one of biggest benefits is that it is currently free to use! You may be thinking what do I have to lose? However, there are a few large drawbacks with the user experience and platform capabilities –
#1 – Currently, the platform determines a winner however very little data is provided on how that winner was determined. This can be pretty underwhelming (especially for any of my fellow data nerds out there) but also can be limiting if you are testing with different goals in mind and want more visibility into why the winner was the strongest performer.
#2 – Another limitation of this platform is that you are not able to test product features and the testing capabilities for images are pretty limited
Overall, I would recommend using this tool if you are interested in doing some basic testing and interested in dipping your toe in the water, however keep your expectations low for the time being! Hopefully there is more to come from Sellerly in the near the future.

To learn more, here are more other helpful resources and other tools that may be worth checking out:

Video Builder from Youtube

What is Video Builder? Youtube recently launched a new tool (still in beta mode) that will help users be able to create video content based with still images, existing video assets, and Youtube’s free audio Library. This has been in the works for a few months, but with COVID19 having such a drastic impact on the economy, YouTube released it to help businesses create strong content who may have limited resources at this time or are facing complications with restrictions in place not allowing for in person video shoots. You can apply for access here.

Is this worth testing out? I personally have not been able to test out this product yet, however based on mock ups and videos of users who already have access, it appears to be a valuable and easy to use tool. Video typically drives strong engagement in the digital landscape and people are consuming content even more during this time. Also, this tool is currently free, so again, why not? Overall, I would recommend testing it out if you are looking to create some new video content!

To learn more, here is a helpful resource:

The digital marketing landscape is always changing and evolving, and even more so during this difficult time. Sometimes it may be hard to keep up, but looking ahead to new trends, new product offerings and new tools available to you is essential to stay successful with your digital marketing efforts. Before you know it, those new tools will become the norm!